Author: Hast Shilp

How to make Wooden Beads Thoran ?

Here’s a simple guide to how we make torans in Hast Shilp: Materials Needed: 1. WOODEN BEADS: WE choose preferred wooden beads like (peacock,elephant,ganesha) for making the toran. 2. Decorative Items: Gather rounds beads,bells ,pompoms embellishing the toran. 3. Scissors Thread: To sew the beads according to the designs. Needle Steps to Make a Toran:[...]
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Handicrafts a real treasure of India

 Handicrats-the hidden treasure Hastshilp or Handcrafted art is supposed to be flowing through the human blood. Since the stone- age the trend of handmade things has been prevalent in human societies. Now, with some kind of evolution the art has occupied a special stature and been showcased at our drawing room, dining hall, home, hotel[...]
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Role of Return Gifts in Indian Society

RETURN GIFTS are the symbol of showing respect to the guests as they accepted the invitation and had been a part of the occasion. People, who are the host usually  purchase gifts for the guests according to their pockets. More other criterion play their roles while selecting return gifts. First of all the customer looks[...]
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Linga Bhairavi

LINGA BHAIRAVI COIMBATORE TEMPLE  ABOLISHED THE TABOO OF MENSTRUATION ON WOMAN Maa Linga Bhairavi, the charismatic Heavenly mother has blessed her daughters  by approving their entrance in the  sanctum of the Temple of Coimbatore and right to offer puja to Devi while they are having their menstrual cycles. It is an honour to womanhood. A[...]
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