How to make Wooden Beads Thoran ?

Beads and embellishment

Here’s a simple guide to how we make torans in Hast Shilp:

Materials Needed:

1. WOODEN BEADS: WE choose preferred wooden beads like (peacock,elephant,ganesha) for making the toran.

2. Decorative Items: Gather rounds beads,bells ,pompoms embellishing the toran.

3. Scissors Thread: To sew the beads according to the designs. Needle

Steps to Make a Toran:

1. Design Your Toran: · Decide on the size and shape of your toran.

2. Arrange the beads to check the look of the Thoran · Use scissors to cut the thread then thread a needle ·

3. Put the beads in evenly manner. · Ensure they’re securely arranged in the thread.

4. Add Hanging Mechanism: · Create a loop or attach a metal ring in both sides of the toran to hang it from a hook or nail on the doorframe ·

5. Finishing Touches: · Trim any excess threads once we are satisfied with the decorations.

6. Hang our Toran: · Hang your beautifully crafted toran on the doorframe using the loop or string you attached.

Additional Tips: · Experiment with different wooden beads combinations and textures to create a unique toran. · Incorporate traditional symbols or motifs like Ganesha ,Om , Swastik relevant to the occasion or your cultural background.

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