Linga Bhairavi

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Maa Linga Bhairavi, the charismatic Heavenly mother has blessed her daughters  by approving their entrance in the  sanctum of the Temple of Coimbatore and right to offer puja to Devi while they are having their menstrual cycles. It is an honour to womanhood. A triumph for the women race who have been restricted from doing normal activities during such a biological system since long.  It has shattered the age long taboo on menstrual woman. It’s mother’s grace and compassion that we, the women, have gained the equal status of the male in performing puja, whenever we think to perform. The news grasped me so emotionally that I can’t help sharing my little knowledge about Maa. 

SUBLIMITY OF MAA LINGA BHAIRAVI:-Maa Linga Bhairavi is  fierce and compassionate, heavenly and earthly at the same time. She is the manifestation of divine feminine, perpetual motherhood. She is all pervasive,  a symbol of creating and nurturing, the power of the universe. 

HER GORGEOUS AND AWEFUL LOOK- She is ‘Trinetrini’ having three eyes and ten hands. Her fierce deity is as dark as pitch dark night. Her glowing third eye is as if penetrating your inner self releasing your dark thought, dark intention out. Her ten hands are for protecting you from all evil spells. Her golden ring will give you a swing to positivity and peace of life.

ANNOTATION FOR HER THIRD EYE- Sadhguru explains we have two eyes for physical vision. When we perceive and concentrate on something beyond this temporal world our inner eye opens. Maa has third eye to see our soul and purify it by inner perception. 

HOW LINGA AND BHAIRAVI CONNECTED: Bhairavi is the feminine counterpart of Dhyanalinga,which is an image of yogic sciences. Maa is also attributed to one of Goddess Durga’s fierce self Chandika. 

MAA LINGA’S EARTHLY EXISTENCE :- It was a  full moon day of late January, 2010. Sadhguru a mystic and visionary yogi  completed the consecration and instilled the eight foot Devi Maa with cosmic life( prana pratistha) through an intense ritual in a triangle shaped house at Velliangiri foothills.

HER ABODE- Her earthly abode has been established in Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri foothills, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

HER SADHNA-  Sadhna for Linga Bhairavi Maa,  continues for twenty one days from a special auspicious ‘kshan’ or ‘tithi’ (moments) to another one. The spell of worship is different for male and female . Sadhna with chanting ‘stuti’ for Maa not only purify your soul and spirit but also brings an auspicious vibes around the space. Sadhna should be done everyday to have Her bountiful grace. 

HOW TO CONNECT HER BEYOND TEMPLE- Really, all of us cannot visit Her at Her temple, in Coimbatore, then, will we be deprived of Her grace? No, Maa Linga Bhairavi is all pervasive. You can bring her photo and place it anywhere in your home or office on a table or shelf. Having bath you should lit a lamp with ghee and  chant Maa Linga Bhairavi stotram in some particular cycles. Worship should be done with whole concentration, feel Her sole presence, thus be a receptive of Linga Bhairavi’s  grace and unlimited mercy and generosity. You may gift the photo of the Goddess toanyone you loved unrest and anxious in life and seeking for celestial positivity. 

           We, along with our team pray for Her blessing and wish Her grace and kindness may also be showered on all of you. Please keep on visiting us. 

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