Handicrafts a real treasure of India

 Handicrats-the hidden treasure

Hastshilp or Handcrafted art is supposed to be flowing through the human blood. Since the stone- age the trend of handmade things has been prevalent in human societies. Now, with some kind of evolution the art has occupied a special stature and been showcased at our drawing room, dining hall, home, hotel restaurant. This art has got a special accent like Hastshilp, Handicraft. 

  • Various Traditional Arts-

Though the modern world is suffering from a fever of machine – made, finished, gorgeously polished and eye – catching products, still there is an under-current of love for handmade arts in Indians. Both the traditional and creative handicrafts of various states with various religions, communities, art and culture have been incorporated in our Indian Handicrafts. As we have the Varanasi wooden toy, we have bamboo slip morram Soop kulo art of Bengal, we have paper mache Thanjavur Thalaiyatti dancing dolls, pottery of Rajasthan, metallic art of Moradabad, Needle work of Kashmir and what not. We have a rich treasure of handicrafts. 

  • Functional and Decorative- We must remember, human beings produce anything to meet up his basic needs. Following this, the first clay pot was made to serve the domestic purpose. Kulo or morram or soop whatever may be this bamboo made product called in different states, it was made for winnowing grains. With  huge production  when functional requirements gradually receded, the innovative faculty of the art and culture flourished. Now, a potter makes a colourful floral design on a clay pot. A mere pitcher or pot gets an artistic touch, it has become a piece of art. It becomes a trending handcraft. People lovingly showcase it at dining, drawing and ante-chamber. People get aesthetic bent of mind. The more hand made products have been popularised, the more their demand  has been rising high. Thus the craftsmen become artisans. 
  • Pottery Becomes Clay Art- When we put on  terracotta ornaments set to have a traditional look, or we lighten terracotta designer diyas, we often owe to the Sindh Valley Civilization, when perhaps, pottery started to come in trend, though  only with functional end. With the passing of time, our need has taken the shape of our aesthetic taste. 
  • Winnowing Bamboo Kulo vs Wall Art- In our childhood, bamboo slip morram or Bengal’s Kulo was used for winnowing grains. It was a very common scene when our mother or grandma remained busy fanning out the grain dust at noon. The same Kulo or morram or soop has assumed an aesthetic look, when a mural art or hand painting is done on it. Now the same product being beautified has been put on as Wall art, home decor,wedding decor or  a decorative item on rice ceremony. The simple Kulo is now gladly accepted in society as an exclusive gift on housewarming, anniversaries or is being considered as return gifts. 
  • Carve Wood For Showpieces –Wood, a widely used material that has been using for our regular domestic life since immemorial ages. When human faculty sparked for something new that carry a new look with love. Wooden products began to be toys, miniature car, dolls etc. Matryoshka stacking dolls or Varanasi dolls, wooden Mysore elephants set whatever it may be, an innocent, simple piece of wood would be enough to excel an artisan’s talent through these products
  • PAPER–ONCE A WRITING MATERIAL, NOW ORIGAMI & TOY-With the gradual progress of civilization, primitive people bent to writing. Then, they did picture writing or hieroglyphics on leave,on walls of caves or stones. But intelligence inspired them to invent paper out of papirus and the mould of grass, torn clothes, wood piece. Now, paper has been considered as an material of popuar art origami. Even the paper mache creates beautiful ecofriendly and handcrafted Thalaiyatti dancing doll, colorful kettle, other toys for kids. 
  • Metallic Art-craft – Copper is the first metal that was used to craft something durable, finished and shining. Dhokra is the ancient metallic handicraft that equally contributes to this era without having back-dated stigma. Other metals are also moulded to produce mural art, wall hanging, showpiece 

and home decor. 

  • Conclusion – Handicraft or handmade products are heartily accepted and adored in the world of beauty,  art and culture. Handicrafts bears the essence of tradition of some race, region and society. In this high-tech age, Hastshilp or Handcrafted art fortifies a strong position in the human heart. People again have turned to the original and traditional handicrafts. They are showing their respect and love towards the mastery and skill of artisans. Handicrafts are our pride and prestige. 

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